Dear fellow permies, nature lovers, change makers,

Whether to answer essential questions you might have in mind or satisfy your curiosity, we've created a little FAQ list below. After reading, IPC India 2017 will have no secret for you. If we are missing any, feel free to drop us an email at ipcindia2017 [at] permacultureindia [dot] org and we will enrich this list together!

All participants will receive an email during the month of September with guidance about their travel.

Green regards,

The whole IPC India 2017 team, looking forward to meeting you at the event

1- What are all the events happening during IPC India 2017? Where can I find the full schedule?

The main event of the IPC India 2017 is divided in two parts:

And there’s a lot more happening!

Ahead of the main gathering are scheduled three courses to skill up your permaculture competencies:

Also, before and after the event, there'll be numerous edge events. You can find more information and apply to register your event here: http://ipcindia2017.org/edgeevents.php

2- Why should I come to IPC India 2017?

Next November, the IPC India will guide and inspire more than 1000 participants from 50+ countries and also give a significant impetus to the permaculture movement in India and around the world. Individuals, farmers, policy makers, researchers, academia sharing a strong interest in sustainable farming practices like permaculture, natural and ecological farming as well as in other kind of initiatives contributing to sustainable livelihood will come together to think, share, innovate, learn, and dialogue in a diverse and engaging programme.

Be part of us and grab this unique opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people passionate about permaculture and sustainable living in general in a warm atmosphere. Learn from others about their culture and their own vision of a regenerative lifestyle.

IPC offers you a rare experience to gain access to the whole philosophy of permaculture, acquire new technical skills from experienced and renowned practitioners, showcase your work, learn and revive ancient Indian agricultural practices and bolster a positive global movement already underway.

3- How do I register? The registration page appears down and says that registrations are closed…

Sometimes, the cache memory of our computers likes to play around with us. But, we have a very simple strategy for you to escape the trick: do a hard refresh of your page by pressing Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard (or Cmd + Shift + r if you own a Mac). If you are trying to register from your phone, you should go in the settings and look for “Clear browsing data” or “Clear history and website data”. Then, everything should display fine!

4- Can I decide last minute and pay on the day of the Conference and/or Convergence?

Regarding the amount of coordination needed to host such an event, we do not accept on site registration.

Participants can register until Oct 31. Regular fee for registration will apply until September 31. Then late fee will apply till Oct 31.

5- How do I come to IPC India 2017 and what transportation will be arranged?

Whichever event you plan to attend, the easiest is first to reach Hyderabad, either by air (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport) or by train (the most common stations are: Secunderabad, Kacheguda or Nampally/Hyderabad Deccan station).

Someone will be at the airport to guide you but it is your responsibility to reach the Conference venue (https://goo.gl/maps/JcPi2MQqxmo) by public transport, rickshaw or taxi either on:

- Nov 23 if you are volunteering for the Conference

- Nov 24 or Nov 25 if you’ve registered for the Conference

- Nov 27 if you’ve registered for the Convergence only

Or Aranya Agricultural Alternatives office (https://goo.gl/maps/x7TzCd3WCH92) on Nov 20 if you are volunteering for the Convergence

You can have a look at our “How to get there” section in our Practical information page.

If you booked your Conference accommodation with us, we will take care of your transportation between your accommodation and the venue on Nov 25 and Nov 26.

Transportation will be provided between the Conference venue and the Convergence venue on Nov 27 morning to all Convergence’s participants. Transportation will also be offered between the Convergence venue and Hyderabad on Dec 2 morning.

More details will be provided later regarding transportation for Farm tours when we will have finalized the details.

6- I’d love to come but my financial situation doesn’t allow me at the moment to participate in the event? Can I apply for scholarship?

The scholarship applications are now closed. We’ve received 48 applications from all over the world and we are, now, making progress to build up a scholarship fund to welcome as many applicants as possible. However, there’s another way to reduce your registration fee: join us in the backstage and be part of our volunteer team!

You can volunteer for one of the two events and benefit for more than 60% off the registration price.

  • If you apply to be a Conference volunteer, you will pay $75 instead of $195. In exchange, we ask you to arrive at the Conference venue on Nov 23, volunteer full day on Nov 23 and 24 and work a 4-hour shift during the Conference. You can then register as a regular participant for the Convergence
  • If you apply to be a Convergence volunteer, you will pay $165 instead of $385. In exchange, we request you to arrive at the Convergence venue on Nov 20. You won’t be able to attend the Conference but we’ll have great fun in participating in the final steps of the IPC Village set up and live an intense week with a team of international volunteers. During the Convergence, Nov 27 – Dec 2, you will be asked to work 4 hours a day.

If you are a student, you can benefit from a 20% discount by registering here: http://ipcindia2017.org/students.php

7- I would like to help people from developing countries or farmers from India to be part of the event and ensure the most diversity possible amongst the participant?

If you dare to ask this question, we love you! All support is more than welcome. You can visit both our crowdfunding pages at the following addresses:

- To contribute to the participation of Indian farmers:

- To donate for the International Scholarship fund:

8- I am keen to volunteer during the event but would like to make sure that I can attend my favourite speakers’ talk. Is that possible?

A little ahead of the event, we will survey all volunteers to finalize the different teams and ask everyone a list of three talks they absolutely don’t want to miss. We’ll then do our best to make everyone happy!

9- I want to participate to the IPC India 2017 but it is very hard for me to leave my child(ren) for such a long time…

That is why you should bring them along with you ☺ The IPC India 2017 will incorporate an exciting children's and young adults programme this year! In order to support parents attending the extensive Conference and Convergence programme, a concurrent schedule to engage your children in enriching and educational earth activities have been set up for children aged 4 and above. Read more about the exciting and innovative Children's programme here: http://ipcindia2017.org/childrenprogramme.php

10- Will I be able to do some sight-seeing during the IPC India 2017?

Days of the event will be packed! Lots will be happening and we’re convinced that you would not want to miss any little bite of it. The programme will also incorporate various occasions to learn more about Indian culture, may it be through the food you will eat, the demonstration areas you will visit or the cultural activities scheduled during the evenings.

In addition, please know that the Convergence venue is quite remote with very limited transportations.

In any case, we surely advise you to come a bit earlier or stay a bit longer after the event to make the most of your travel! To get organized and benefit from the great tips of Rico Zook and Nina Osswald (important parts of the pre-IPC courses organizing team), you should definitely have a look at our “First time in India” page: http://ipcindia2017.org/firsttimeinindia.php

11- I’d like to get in touch with people who are traveling from the same country or people who will be arriving at the same time at the airport, it that possible?

Whether you are looking for advice on places to go to or a travel partner to discover this beautiful country, want to share your best tips or your apprehensions, you can have a look at our Facebook group: Travel buddies & tips for the IPC India 2017

We will soon send to all participants the link to a Google sheet as well where they will be able to share information such as dates and timings of arrival at and departure from Hyderabad for cab pool for example or discuss travel plans…

12- Which visa do I need to come to India and attend the events?

Please have a look at the “Getting your visa” section in our Practical information page. Most of you will probably come with an e-tourist visa available for numerous countries.

13- I would like to display my product(s) and/or service(s) during the event, is it possible? What if I want to sponsor the event?

If you would like to showcase your product, you can book a stall at the Conference. Limited spots are available. For more information, visit our page here:

If you want to deepen your association with the IPC India 2017 and become a sponsor, go to http://ipcindia2017.org/beasponsor.php and get in touch with us!

14- What should I bring with me?

Have a look at our “Things to bring” section in our Practical information page.

15- What will be the weather like?

The climate in Telangana in November is generally warm and pleasant. Nights can be cool (long pants and a warm jumper/light jacket). In cold nights in November, temperatures can go down to 14° C (57 Fahrenheit), and on hot days up to 32° C (90 Fahrenheit). See climate diagrams here. The sun can be strong sometimes so do not forget hats and sunscreen!

16- Do I need to do specific vaccines to come to India?

It is your own responsibility to check with the appropriate person whether you need to/should do vaccines before coming to India and your personal choice to go ahead or not!

17- I would like to help to spread the word about IPC India 2017, could the organizing share material with me?

Glad to hear that! You’re more than welcome to do so. First of all, you can visit our website here and help yourself with web banners, posters or brochures:

You can also get in touch at ipcindia2017 [at] permacultureindia [dot] org to discuss about it with one of our happy team member.