IPC - First Time In India

First Time In India

Travel tips: An India primer for the IPC

Many people are starting to make their plans for the next International Permaculture Convergence (IPC) in India. There are a few things you might find interesting to know beforehand – especially if you’ve never been to India before.

In the following series of articles from our media partner, Permaculture Magazine North America, Rico Zook and Nina Osswald, will offer insight and advice for both the experienced and first-time visitor to India. Rico has been traveling and working in India for the past 13 years. Nina has lived and worked in India for many years. They are also currently organizing (and Rico will be teaching) the pre-IPC Permaculture Design Course and the first ever Permaculture Teacher training course in India. We thank them deeply for their support!


India! It conjures up images of exotic locales and noisy streets. Of wildlife and humanity in rich, epic stories. Of IT and VVVIP’s, Nuclear arms, and Super Deluxe Executive buses (a Volvo). Of spices, colors, and markets bursting with activity. Of beaches full of hippies and Bollywood dance numbers. However, what is India really like? Is there more than worn out images and stereotypes? What will one actually find and actually experience while there? How can one navigate all of its densities, diversions, and diasporas for interest, fun, and safety? In the following series, we will give a brief, though informed, introduction to traveling in India, as well as information about culture, environment, and society that are essential for responsible and appropriate travel in the complex and crowded reality that is modern day India.
India is both a place of familiarity and singularity, of contrasts and contradictions. If you think of every possible thing that happens in all the countries of the world, all of it will also happen in India. India is like every other place on the planet, yet nowhere else is like it. [Read more...]


You have done it! You purchased tickets to the International Permaculture Convergence in India!
Now what? What do you need to do to prepare for this amazing journey? What to bring? What about shots and medicines? What about visas and flight tickets? Do you bring a bank card, cash, or traveler’s checks? Computer? Phone? Are you forgetting anything?
This is the second installment of our India Primer Series that will prepare you for an amazing and informative time in India and beyond. This time we will discuss the various preparations you will need to do so that come travel day you are relaxed, prepared, and excited to no end. We will start with the very basics and work our way up to your depart date, which is the beginning of our next installment of this series. [Read more...]