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IPC - Conference



The IPC India 2017 Conference will be held during two days in Hyderabad on November 25 and 26, 2017. This joyful and fruitful event is open to all and will be packed with presentations, workshops, panel discussions and a lot of cultural exchange between people from all over the world with various backgrounds in regards to permaculture and other sustainable living school of thoughts.

We will share the finer details as we march closer to the event date.

November 25

November 26

8.00 am Registration
9.00 am Warming up & Opening
9.30 am Inauguration
10.15 am Plenary 1
11.00 am Plenary 2
11.45 am Tea break
12.15 am Parallel session 1
1.00 pm Lunch
2.30 pm Parallel session 2
3.30 pm Parallel session 3
4.30 pm Tea break
5.00 pm Plenary 3
5.45 pm Free time & network!
7.00 pm Gala dinner
10.00 pm Back to accommodation
9.00 am Warming up
9.15 am Plenary 4
10.00 am Plenary 5
10.45 am Plenary 6
11.30 am Tea break
12.00 am Parallel session 4
12.45 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Parallel session 5
3.00 pm Parallel session 6
4.00 pm Tea break
4.30 pm Panel discussion
5.15 pm Free time & network!
6.00 pm Cultural activities
7.00 pm Dinner
10.00 pm Back to accommodation

The IPCs have always been a place to engage sustainability thinkers and practitioners to strategize and shape the vision of permaculture and sustainability in general. Here are some images from the previous IPCs and National Permaculture Convergence, India. Join us in bringing the change.