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Farm Tours

After the IPC, Farm Tours give you the opportunity to extend your learning and see Permaculture in action at the farms across different regions, climates and soils in India. Learn how our rural and urban permies metamorphosed their land into a green haven, the challenges they faced, and their victories and failures too. All of it straight from them.

Two kinds of Farm Tours are offered:

  • “Telangana immersion”: the IPC India 2017 team will take you around farms in the state of Telangana. These farms incorporate permaculture elements in the way they are design. However, they are not yet Permaculture model farms but on their way!
    • After the Convergence, departing from Polam, the group will head towards Aranya Permaculture farms and meet the community Aranya has been working with for years in the neighbouring village. Stay will be arranged both on December 2 and December 3 at the farm including breakfast, lunch & dinner.
    • On December 4 and 5, you will get to visit other farms: Paradise farms and Aiyor Bai farm on the map below. Breakfast will be taken at Aranya farm on December 4, lunch at the farm and stay will happen close to the Conference venue in Hyderabad. On December 5 and 6, breakfast and dinner will happen at the accommodation in Hyderabad.
    • The last day of farm tours will be dedicated to Urban Permaculture including 3 places in the city of Hyderabad. See an example here
  • It will be also a very good occasion to keep connecting with other IPC India 2017 participants.

    This tour is a package: the full cost for the 4 days is Rs. 5,000/$80 including transportation, food and accommodation. If you need to leave the tour before, that is no problem, just let us know upon registration.

    Registrations for the farm tours will be open during the Convergence on November 27 (for participants attending the 5-day Convergence) and on November 29 (for participants attending the 3-day Convergence Nov 29-Dec 2).

  • “Do-it-yourself”: If you are traveling across other parts of the country after the Convergence, please get in touch with the farm owner directly to plan your visit. These farm visits are not limited to the farm tours dates Dec 03-07. Please do not visit any of the farms without making a reservation with the farm owner.


Please click on the map pin of a farm to get more details of the farm.




Please write to ipcindia2017 [at] permacultureindia [dot] org if you have any questions.

Showcase your farm during IPC India 2017

To enlist your farm on the farm tours happening from Dec 3 to Dec 7, 2017 and showcase it to the international permies, please apply through the form below after reading the following guidelines.


  • Farm must focus on permaculture philosophy, ethics and principles. It must follow sustainable farming at large.
  • We want to particularly focus on farms pan India and within a radius of 100 km of Hyderabad, our International Permaculture Convergence Venue.
  • The farm owner will take complete responsibility for organising the tour (food, water and seating, if required). IPC will list all the farms on our website along with description highlighting the features and a picture/picture collage
  • The farm tour owners can charge a nominal fee of Rs 500 or less for a full/half day visit of the farm.
  • Please apply to showcase your farm by filling the form at the end of the page.

What's in it for you as a Farm owner?

  • Listing of your farm on the IPC website.
  • Reach to 2000+ and growing number users who like the IPC page on Facebook
  • Mention on the various media like magazines, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, posters used by IPC to promote farm tours

Once you submit your application, we will review your application and get back to you in two weeks of submission. If you have any questions, please write to us at enquiries [at] permacultureindia [dot] org

Apply to showcase your farm at IPC India 2017

Contact Details
Farm/Land Details

Farming Principles followed on the Farm

Existing elements on the farm