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Eenadu, 26 November, 2017
Sakshi, 26 November, 2017
Namaste Telangana, 26 November, 2017

In the following series, our sponsor, Permaculture Design Magazine, is taking you to the IPC India 2017 through the eyes of Jeremy Lynch:

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Our collaborator, Permaculture Magazine North America, offered a recap of IPC India 2017 in their issue 08 : Read now

We worked since the month of June 2017 until IPC India 2017 on a series of blogs with Down to Earth, one of the largest environmental magazine in India, to bring permaculture to a larger audience and are very proud to see, in addition to the article we submitted, so much additional permaculture content on their website now. This is the beauty of a solid partnership that we hope to continue in the future:

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  • Can a barren land be turned into a food forest? by Floriane Duthel : Read now
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  • Can permaculture reverse climate change? by Maddy Harland : Read now
  • An urban garden which produces 17kg of fruits and vegetables per day by Smriti Agarwal : Read now

And a full coverage shared with you during the event: New civilisation, primitive wisdom


IPC India 2017 in the media playlist:

Visit at Aranya Permaculture Farm:


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