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Volunteering for IPC India 2017

Then we have some exciting opportunities for you to showcase your commitment and passion!

Are you passionate about the environment?

Do you share our ethics for Earth care, People care, and Fair share?

Being part of IPC India 2017 team is a great opportunity to learn, network, and hone your skills and knowledge, thereby propagating the permaculture movement further to a wider audience. In exchange for your invaluable energy and support, you will get to learn permaculture application from experts, and improve your understanding of the ecology - all while making new friends and learning about new cultures!

We are happy to give you more information according to your wish in the following sections.


Volunteer on the farms

Participate in establishing two farms of different scales designed according to permaculture principles in a fruitful and joyful environment

The Convergence part of IPC India 2017 will be held at Aranya and Polam farms. Aranya farm is a developed farm, a beautiful example of how to regenerate a dry, bare land and turn it into a abundant food forest through various water harvesting techniques and no irrigation. A 10-acre piece of land which turn into a one-family model farm and favour diversity of local indigenous perennials giving tropical fruits 365 days a year. A place of experimentation still evolving. Polam is a 100-acre farm in the South Indian state of Telangana, fairly new, that is being developed under the mentorship of Narsanna Koppula and the IPC India team using permaculture design principles to welcome the IPC village.

Over the next few months, rigorous work will be undertaken on this farm right from food production for the Convergence, to building temporary structures (thatched roof structures, earthbag stting areas, and so on). We will also make a couple of utilities from scratch such as the kitchen structures (oven, pot fridges, tandoor, barbecue, solar cookers and so on), organic toiletries, in addition to natural paints, and herbal medicines, grey and black water systems, waste management systems, animal integration like cattles and chickens. Due to the limited funds at our disposal, we look forward to tapping the enormous energy that comes as part of the volunteering activities.

We are glad to hear from you if:

  • You have a positive team spirit and are excited to help making sustainable and ecological ideas happen.
  • There will be lots of projects going on simultaneously on the farm: you may be allotted a project or will be allowed to choose one of your liking. This will, however, depend on the availability of volunteers at the farm. The Convergence farm coordinator will be the final decision maker and you're happy with that!
  • You are ready to commit for at least a month - after that, if you like us and if we like you, we can decide on the duration of our partnership!

If you stay with us less than three months, we will request you to participate in the food expenses of Rs 150 per day paid on a monthly basis. You are welcome to contribute up to Rs. 300 per day. Any contribution above Rs. 150 will go towards IPC.

We would really appreciate if you could bring your own tent as accommodation are limited ahead of the event.

Volunteer at the Office

Cooperate with our office team to build up the event working on awareness-raising or fundraising activities for example

Volunteers with skills in event management, communications, promotions, logistics, finance & accounts, transport, media marketing, fund raising, IT, translation, food and beverages, visa assistance, cultural activities, graphic designing, etc. are welcome to join the team. You will work under the guidance of IPC Coordinator. We are glad to hear from you if:

  • You have a positive team spirit and are excited to join a group of people who are passionate about sustainable and ecological practices.
  • You have expertise in the field chosen for volunteering and are willing to take the lead on related projects and make sure things get done before you leave.
  • You are ready to commit for at least one month - after that, if you like us and if we like you, we can decide on the duration of our partnership!


Volunteer for the IPC India 2017

Join us in the heat of the action to help making this inspiring event a great success !

We have volunteering opportunities for pre-IPC Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and Teacher Training event. Please click here to know more about the opportunities during these two courses.

At the time of the IPC event, and immediately before the event, we will require all hands on the deck! For those who would like to volunteer part-time during the event in return for a discounted registration fee, we are offering the following work-exchange agreement :

  • You will be required to work for a four-hour shift during the event and full time for a specific number of days before the event :
    • Conference volunteers : Nov 23, 2017 morning to Nov 26, 2017.
    • Convergence volunteers will need to arrive at the Convergence venue about four to seven days in advance. In general, Convergence volunteers will not be able to attend the Conference as we'll need your assistance for the Convergence.
  • You will be able to apply and register as 'Event volunteer' for only one of the two events (Conference or Convergence) and will pay the registration fee for that specific event under the 'Volunteer' category.
  • In case you are not able to reach on the reporting date, your registration as 'volunteer' will stand cancelled. However, you can still attend the event by paying the balance fee for regular participation.

If you are sure of your travel plans and can commit to us for this time, please apply under this category. Once your application is approved, you can register yourself by paying the registration fee.


We want the volunteer period to be a fun and enjoyable experience for you!

We are looking for serious volunteers interested in learning and putting into practice permaculture ethics and principles while contributing to the progress to the work:

1. Teamwork

  • Volunteers will work under the guidance of the IPC India Organizing team.
  • Volunteers are expected to work in tandem - any task taken in hand should preferably be completed or suitably handed over!

2. Accommodation

  • For those volunteering at the farm, you can choose to stay in a dormitory or pitch tents that are available. You are welcome to bring your own tents as well.
  • You will be living in a community space and are expected to uphold the interest of the community at all times.
  • You are expected to deploy, conserve, and recycle the resources innovatively and in a sustainable way.

3. Food

  • Simple, healthy and tasty vegetarian meals (Indian cuisine) will be provided.

4. Hours and holidays

  • A regular work week will be from Monday to Saturday.
  • You can expect holidays on local festivals and holidays as per the Indian calendar. You may also avail leave for personal reasons - you will coordinate with our IPC coordinator or Convergence Coordinator so that the task at hand does not get hampered.

Last day to apply for volunteering is October 23, 2017! If you have any questions on volunteering, please write to volunteer [at] permacultureindia [dot] org

Please make sure to read Terms and conditions before applying.

Terms and Conditions

Every candidate selected for volunteering with IPC India 2017 will be required to confirm acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

1. You have gone through the IPC India 2017 website and understood fully the nature of activity, project, and risks involved.

2. Volunteering with IPC India 2017 doesn't result in payment of any remuneration for the work done. Also you will not be reimbursed any personal travelling expenses and incidentals of any kind.

3. You agree to pay the required amount as specified from time to time for food and accommodation. The payment must always be in advance (on the first day of each month) to avoid difficulties to the host.

4. If your nationality is other than Indian and you intend to volunteer with IPC India, then the responsibility entirely lies with you to obtain all the required permissions, approvals and documents such as visa etc. from the Government of India Immigration authorities. Also, you must strictly follow the laws of the land governing your stay with us and indemnify us from any loss or damage that can occur due to your failure to follow rules by intentional or unintentional deeds.

5. You should always be guided by the IPC India HR Lead in all work-related matters.

6. Every volunteer is responsible for their own health and safety, medical and hospitalisation expenses in case of sickness, injury and/or hospitalisation.

7. There will be zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs and indulging in any unlawful activities during your stay with us as a volunteer.

8. All the rights for content, design, process and structures developed in the process of volunteering with IPC India are vested with the host Aranya Agricultural Alternatives only.

9. You will maintain confidentiality of all information and databases with respect to IPC India and Aranya Agricultural Alternatives that you have access to, during the course of your volunteering assignment. You will not share any such information or database with third parties, nor use the same yourself without the permission of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives. This applies specially to contact details of various groups of people. One cannot use this for communicating to them any information other than what they have subscribed to.

10. The volunteering assignment can be terminated by either side. IPC India commits to having a discussion with the volunteer and giving at least 3 days' notice in case of termination, except in grave circumstances such as criminal misconduct, sexual harassment and unlawful activities. The volunteer is also encouraged to give at least 3 days' notice before terminating the assignment from her/his side, and ensure a proper knowledge transfer and handover of all work done during the assignment.

11. You will always uphold the sustainable practices, Permaculture ethics and dignity of all co volunteers irrespective of their gender, origin, sexual preference, colour or appearance.