Dear friends,

It has been a great pleasure to welcome you at the 13th International Permaculture Conference & Convergence (IPC India 2017) and we warmly thank you for your participation.

IPCs have been active since 1985 and are unique occasion for permaculture practitioners around the world to gather, meet each other, share knowledge and expertise and strategize about the future of the movement.

Up to 1200 delegates (including 350 International participants from 60 different countries and 450 local farmers) participated in the 2-day Conference welcoming 40 speakers. The main hall sessions were streamed live to reach even more permaculture enthusiasts. Following the Conference, about 500 participants came together for the 5-day Convergence, giving them more time to exchange, showcase their projects, network and innovate towards common goals. In numbers, we had more than 80 speakers sessions, 11 panel discussions, 5 IPCC & FIPC meetings and 4 CoLab sessions.


The IPC India 2017, it is also:

The first ever Teacher Training in India, an extended 20-day Permaculture Design Course, 3 visits to Aranya Permaculture Farm during the Convergence, a 4-day Farm tours, 14 Cultural performances, Demonstrations of Traditional Village Living skills and 12 Edge events including 3 courses at Aranya Permaculture Farm.

We are extremely grateful to each and every person who participated in making IPC India 2017 a great success: the inspiring speakers, the absolutely fabulous team of volunteers, the beautiful performers, the IPCC & FIPC who supported us continuously, the sponsors and crowdfunders without whom it wouldn't have been possible to invite local farmers and scholars from developing countries and communicate so widely about the event and finally the core organising team.

Thank you!
Padma & Narsanna Koppula
Hosts of the IPC India 2017
Aranya Agricultural Alternatives



IPC INDIA - 2017


CONFERENCE :November 25 - 26, 2017 @ Hyderabad, Telangana
CONVERGENCE :November 27 - December 2, 2017 @ Medak district, Telangana


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Societies around the world are entering an era of interconnected challenges. Most experts indeed agree on the fact that "crisis" through its various forms (economic, ecologic, societal) will be more and more recurrent; the time to prepare our societies to get more resilient in the years to come is now! ...and that's what permaculture is all about!

As "a design system for creating sustainable human environments." (Bill Mollison), permaculture offers a holistic solution-driven approach and stands as an alternative to current linear models. Basing their actions on three ethics - earth care, people care and fair share - permaculturists are striving to conceive regenerative systems within a wide range of areas including farming, building, economics or education. With the common goal to achieve sustainable livelihood for all, many initiatives around the globe are being taken to secure basic human needs (clean water and food, adequate shelter and companionship) without undermining natural resources: all-encompassing towards healthy societies.

Happening every two years, the International Permaculture Convergence is a very special occasion offered to practitioners from around the world to share their experiences, learn from each other and strategize about the future of the permaculture movement!

Change is already happening! Will you be a part of it?

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Dr. Venkat, India's own permaculture pioneer, led thousands people with his vision, kindness and dedication. He and Bill worked together on several occasions with great fondness and respect for each other. They featured together in the film "The Global Gardener".

Bill Mollison was a living inspiration to all the permaculturists and thousands of others. His foresight and his insight together gave the world a way of integrating all human lives with living and non living things. At this convergence we remember and celebrate Bill's gift to the present and the future.

It is with a very heavy heart that we learnt this August that our dearest friend Ali Sharif has passed. It is a huge loss for the permaculture community.

Ali Sharif was a Permaculture pioneer who over 30 years ago took a Permaculture Design Course taught by Bill Mollison. At the end of the course Bill Mollison approached each students and asked them pointedly "just what are you going to do with this knowledge, right now?"

Ali answered immediately "I'm in Bill, I will dedicate my life to Permaculture" and Bill pointed him to South America and said "go there", and he did, spending the next 27 years in the Amazon. He then went on to Mozambique in Africa where he did some exceptional work.

Ali Sharif was a great permaculture expert who has worked with communities tirelessly to establish several dozen projects on three continents. Ali Sharif, you will be greatly missed during IPC India 2017.


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