IPC - Tierra Martinez

Tierra Martinez

From an early age, Tierra became interested in the conservation of nature, then started working as an educator and environmental interpreter in different places of Argentina. While he educated people within Environmental Education Program, he began to have a more intimate contact with nature working as a field naturalist in different environments. Later, he discovered Permaculture, which opened the possibility to a trip from where he decided never to return to the starting point. After traveling for more than a decade within a vast territory, Tierra has settled for five years in Argentina and South America, encouraging the creation of a movement that allows a vision beyond the power of the people and spread the seed of Permaculture. With over 15 years of experience in permaculture and more than 160 PDC conducted, Tierra is now focused on the creation of reference centers in different climates, ecosystems and cultures of Latin America and Caribbean Islands, enhancing the Latin Movement Permaculture and trying to manage a beautiful network of exchanging processes, students, programs, reference centers that empower and show the work that is being developed in different climates, ecosystems and cultures around Latin America. As a leader of the Latin American Permaculture Movement for Argentina, he is part of the organizing committee of the 4th and 5th Latin American Meeting of Permaculture and is part of the Support Group Meetings International Permaculture (IPC). Besides, Tierra is also the General Coordinator of next IPC 2020 Argentina.