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Robyn Francis

Robyn Francis, permaculture pioneer, educator, designer, presenter and innovator has been working internationally for over three decades in 15 countries and diverse climates. She worked closely with Bill Mollison for many years including co-teaching the first permaculture course (PDC) in India with him in 1987. Among her many achievements she was the founder of Permaculture International, Permaculture College Australia, designer of NSW's first ecovillage (Jarlanbah), and co-initiator of the nationally accredited Permaculture Vocational Training in Australia. Francis balances international work with direct action in her local community and bioregion. Since 1994 she is based at Djanbung Gardens, purpose-designed Permaculture training centre in the lush subtropics of NSW, Australia. She is passionate about empowering people to become effective agents of change and mentoring a new generation of permaculture teachers and practitioners.www.permaculture.com.au