IPC - Rebecca Ellis

Rebecca Ellis

Rebecca Ellis is a permaculture practitioner and a PhD candidate at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. In 2010 she attended an Earth Activist Training PDC course with Starhawk and has enthusiastically practiced and promoted permaculture in her community ever since. Rebecca has an M.A. in Socio-cultural Anthropology from Western University. Currently she is PhD candidate in Human Geography at Western University. Her PhD research is focused on the relationship between people and bees in cities. Rebecca sits on the Board of Directors of London Cycle Link and is a founding member of the Squeaky Wheels Bike Kitchen. She is an active member of Friends of Urban Agriculture and the Carolinian Forest Garden Guild. Rebecca maintains the Permaculture for the People blog and is an environmental and social justice activist. In her free time, she is a small-scale beekeeper and maintains an extensive urban permaculture backyard.