IPC - Farida Akhter

Farida Akhter

Farida Akhter has carried out extensive research in the field of women's development, health issues, agriculture, fisheries (marine), handloom industries, garment industries, population and other related development issues. Since 1985, she has been actively involved in the national level women’s movement and is an active member of various international networks such as FINRRAGE (Feminist International Network for Resistance against Reproductive and Genetic Engineering) etc. Since 1996, Farida Akhter has been an member of South Asia Network on Food, Ecology and Culture. Farida Akhter is the Founding Executive Director of UBINIG established in 1984. UBINIG (Policy Research for Development Alternative) is a policy and action research organization in Bangladesh. Its main work is research, campaign and advocacy and to undertake action programmes in the field of social development. UBINIG runs a biodiversity-based farming system called Nayakrishi Andolon with over 300,000 farming families are involved in the programme. Since 2010, Farida Akhter is also the Convenor of Anti-Tobacco Women’s Alliance (in Bangla called Tamak Birodhi Nari Jote TABINAJ) which is active in over 40 districts. She is author of several books written in English and in Bangla. She is a regular column writer in national dailies on issues of agriculture, biodiversity, environment and women in particular.