IPC - Cathe'Fish


Cathe' Fish has been teaching Permaculture and doing Design Consultations since her PDC in 1987. She started teaching Passive Solar Energy applications in 1980, including building / designing passive solar greenhouses with the Arizona Solar Energy Association. Cathe’ was involved in the renaissance of super insulated strawbale buildings in 1987, and has taught passive solar building design at straw bale workshops, Master Gardener classes, and Permaculture courses. She has been cooking extensively with the sun since 1996s. She was the founder and original editor of the Drylands Permaculture newsletter in 1987, which later evolved into the Permaculture Drylands Journal. She was also newspaper gardening editor. Cathe' holds a Professional Diploma of Permaculture Design in the disciplines of both Site Design and Education and is a Course Teacher for the Permaculture Institute of North America. Cathe’ has a Permaculture teaching farm in Northern California, USA where she teaches Permaculture Design Courses.