IPC - Beatriz Ramirez Cruz

Beatriz Ramirez Cruz

Beatriz has been devoted to manual labor for a long time. This led her to work in different Mayan Women Cooperative Textiles in Guatemala (Solola region) and Mexico (Yucatan and Chiapas Region). She has been introduced to Permaculture approximately 12 years ago, through Tierra Martinez. Beatriz is now a Permaculture designer, with works on different Latin America and the Caribbean Islands climates, ecosystems and cultures. Recently she has been dedicated to work on creating a new education, being part of a movement of Alternative Education, with which she has Co-Designed The Course of Design of Educational Facilities based on Permaculture and Living Education, providing these courses in several countries and promoting the creation of these spaces. At the same time, Beatriz has been trained in various branches of Organic Architecture (Natural Patterns, Energy Flows, etc), the Natural Building (Construction in Bamboo, Reciprocal Structures, Raw Earth, etc) and Sacred Geometry (Sensitive Geometry and The Magic of Geometry), thereby achieving to build a solid foundation of theoretical and practical knowledges that she implements every day of her life, to which she is dedicated full time. Within the institute in the area of Organic Architecture and Natural Building and Social Permaculture, she is also in charge of works in several points that have to do with Nonviolent Communication, Dragon Dreaming, Consensus, Consent, Cafe World, Fish Ball, Open Space, etc. This activity has led her to be active in recent years in various parts of South America as Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. Beatriz has taught about 50 Certified courses on Permaculture Design and she has been trained as a Master of Permaculture with several institutes. She has conducted several logistical Estate, Bioregional, National and International Meetings of Permaculture. She is currently the Co-Director of the Institute of Permaculture Na Lu'um for the area of Latin America, and also a co-founder member of the PermaneSer Alliance with which she develops projects in more than 10 countries.