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Group Discount

Communities make us stronger. Change will only happen if we gather our energies and create synergies between our projects and ideas, and that is what IPC India 2017 is all about. To reward this collective effort and accelerate the transformation towards a new paradigm, we are offering group discounts during the whole months of July and August (gentle reminder: regular registrations are closing on August 31st)!

Please read the following guidelines carefully before requesting for group discount.

The following discounts will be applicable from July 4th until August 31st, 2017 for registration of 5 people or more:

  • 15% discount on participant registrations for Conference and/or Convergence (excluding accommodation)
  • 10% discount on student registrations for Conference and/or Convergence (excluding accommodation)

1. To be eligible for discount, you should fill in the form at the end of the page with the 5+ names and email addresses.

2. Once we receive your request, we will send a common approval to the 5+ email addresses given.

3. Upon receipt of this email, you will have five full days (starting from the next day of receiving the email) to proceed to the 5+ registrations through our website www.ipcindia2017.org

4. To register, you will need to use the same email addresses as in your group discount request and pay the full fee. You will receive the discount as refund.

5. Once we receive the last registration of your group, we will proceed to the refund of the discount in the week after.


Smriti, Dorian, Floriane, Ritu and Annaïk want to register as participants together. They fill in the form on http://ipcindia2017.org/groupdiscount.php page including their full names and email addresses on July 5th.

They receive an email the next day (July 6th) from registrations [at] permacultureindia [dot] org They have time from July 7th till July 11th included to complete their registrations.

Floriane is the last one making the payment on July 10th. Thus, the five of them will receive a refund of 15% on the registration fee (excluding accommodation) between July 11th and July 17th.

If you want to apply for a group discount, please fill in the form below:

Please be patient and wait for the confirmation pop up. Your application can take up to 10 seconds to be submitted.