IPC - Format for abstracts

Format for abstracts

Organization Details of the Presenter
"Eg: http://www.yoursite.com"
Contact Details
Description of the proposed session

Brief description of the proposed session

  • Description of the initiative/concept
  • Stage of implementation - initial stage or completed, or number of years of implementation
  • Scale of the initiative or involvement - whether individual, family level or group/community level
  • Processes, tools, innovations
  • Challenges, learnings
  • Outcomes

Sub-themes for presentation(You can choose up to 3 sub-themes for your presentation)

We prefer the topic to broadly fall under the listed categories to be eligible for selection. Exceptional topics may be considered if they connect to the theme of the Convergence.

Methodology of the session: PowerPoint presentation, demonstration, workshop, discussion, interactive poster or in any other format

Duration required for the session: 45 minutes. This duration may be altered in special cases. You can choose to have a two-part session of 45 minutes each

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